Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jazzing up my Wall Space

You guys! I'm so excited to share my first attempt at being crafty. I'm also excited to blog about something other then my growing belly. Corde and I have been moved into our current home since December. THAT WAS 10 MONTHS AGO. What kind of horrible person waits 10 months to cutify their home? Uhmm, me...

[[This project was number four on my Fall to-do list. If you're interested in seeing what else I'm up to for the next few weeks you can click here]]

So it all started with an empty wall above our couch. (One of many blank spaces in our apartment)

Next, I went to the DI and bought some old wooden picture frames. They were a dollar each!
(They don't have their glass in this picture because I took it all out to clean)

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and found some spray paint. I thought it'd be fun to create a webbed look on a couple of the frames just for fun, so I bought some burgundy paint and gold webbing paint.

Then I laid out some newspaper on my neighbors lawn (shh, don't tell them) and laid my frames out as well. 

You can probably guess what happens next...


 Here's a close up of the webbed paint. It sprayed like silly string, so that was fun.

Lastly, I arranged the frames in a pleasant way, ordered prints, andddd TA-DA!

^^Corde didn't want to move for the picture

I don't think there is a cheaper or more fool-proof DIY project out there.  The cost totaled about 20 dollars, but that's not counting the command strips I bought to put the pictures up. It'd probably be cheaper if you're using nails. I'm sure you'll already have those around your house somewhere.

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