Friday, March 20, 2015

Corde Russell is 11 Weeks Old

Well I didn't get around to writing a fun little "2 months old" post, so an 11-week-old update will have to do.

I feel so bad for everyone who follows me on social media sites because I load them up with pictures of Russell like some kind of crazy person. (#thatannoyingmomwhopoststoomanypicturesofherbaby) I can't help myself though. I can only imagine what my friends on Facebook think each day when I post ANOTHER photo of my baby boy - "This chick is like, crazy obsessed with her kid."

On the flip side, you can't deny his sweet little face brings joy to your soul each time you see him.

He grows and changes so quickly, especially at this point in his life. I want to capture as many moments as I can.

Russell is a very funny little boy. He grunts and growls when he wants attention but doesn't have the energy to cry. He loves to flick his chubby legs around and swing at things with his arms. (like any other precious 2-month-old) He is extremely snuggly and squishy.

He hates tummy time, but we suffer through it anyways. His neck and back continue to get strong. I can already tell he's going to be an athlete. His dad tells everyone that Russ is going to be a star quarterback and I tell everyone he'll be playing soccer.

He went to the doctor earlier this week and weighed a whopping 14.6 lbs and he is just over 24 inches long. That's double what he weighed when he was born.

This week Russell also started sticking his tongue out and It's basically the cutest thing ever.

Russell can't quite make eye contact with us yet, but he does respond to our smiles and interacts like he should be. He has the "dancing eyes" that we are hoping will go away with time. We'll be going to an eye specialist within the next month or so to learn more.

He loves his binky and talking to mom and dad.

He is an incredibly lovable and happy little man.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Russell and Family

I've been frustrated over the fact that I haven't posted on my blog. I've just been so busy! Last weekend when Russell was officially 2 months old Corde and I were bombarded with family and friends. Russell was given a blessing by his dad at church so everyone came to Logan to celebrate with us. It was such a special time. My heart is full of warm fuzzies when I think of all the examples of love that Russell has in his life.

 Lets all just take a moment to admire my new dress from Eshakti. I highly recommend you go see for yourself how incredible that website is. You can customize any dress you want to fit YOUR style.


When the weekend ended, Russell and I headed up to Washington with my parents and we are here for the next week and a half. We miss Corde like crazy but are enjoying our time with family.

I'm thankful for the time I've been able to spend with my family the last couple weeks. I feel overwhelmed with love. So many sweet memories are being made and there are still so many more that have yet to be made!
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