Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Reminiscing

Retrospection: A lot of really great things happened to me in 2012, like, I turned another year older. Also, I got a few more freckles on my skin. In seriousness, Looking back to December 31, 2011, I see a girl and a lifestyle that I would never choose now. Today I'm better, duh. I can't imagine what I will think when I look back at this moment 10 years from now. Actually, I can sort of imagine myself falling to my knees in laughter. Life is such a whirlwind all together, but this year in particular has forced me to really learn how important it is to let go. Let go of anything or anyone you feel might be holding you back.

New Expectations: My resolution this year is to ignore my fears.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh Happy day!

This morning I woke up and the snow was crashing down. I think this may be my first white Christmas and oh boy do I love it! I'm so thankful for today. I am blessed to know that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to sacrifice his son for me. He atoned for my sins and set a perfect example of love and charity. Jesus is the most precious gift ever given and I am grateful for him. I know he lives and I know that he loves me.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is in five days. Guess how many presents I've purchased? You're right, zip! The stress of it all is killing me. I am home for the holidays... IS THAT NOT A GIFT IN ITSELF? sheesh. Lets all just exchange hugs and cookies on Christmas and call it good. Any objections? That's what I thought. So far on my 5-week trip home I've learned one very important thing: Don't come home for long periods of time. Don't get me wrong, I love love love being with my family, but there is a fine line between boredom and insanity.I do believe I have crossed that line. When I close my eyes I see Pinterest boards.. I can scroll and everything. On top of that I have resorted to sewing. Yes, sewing. It's not my time, guys. I'm not ready for this! On the bright side I made homemade caramels yesterday. Sure, they were overcooked and rock-hard when they cooled, but that's not important. I also made some cookies, but they burned and were also rock-hard. That's not important either. Happy holidays everyone! Don't step on the scale and don't eat the yellow snow!

Oh, and here's a picture of a lamb I found on Pinterest: