Sunday, May 29, 2016


My goodness, what a trip. You know how when you plan a trip, you spend time playing it out in your head? After planning a trip to Missouri to visit Corde's family, I imagined exploring the city of St. Louis, laughter, sunshine, going on long runs, visiting museums and parks, and eating all the things.

But now I know, the best thing to do when planning a trip is to not plan and also, not set expectations. Also, not eat everything. Our trip did not go according to plan. My son had "hand, foot and mouth" the entire time we were there and my husband ended up breaking his arm while we were at Elephant Rock State Park. I feel like the universe warned us that we were in for a treat when our connecting flight was delayed for what felt like forever.

Aside from the few unexpected events, I really enjoyed our trip to Missouri. I love it there. Also, I really love the family that I married into. It was a good time and I'm excited for when we can visit again.