My story

I'm Kenzie. I was born and raised in Washington state. When I was 18, I moved to Utah so that I could attend Utah State University. My major started as nutrition, then switched to nursing and then to journalism.  At that point I was still iffy about what I wanted to study and coincidentally I got pregnant right after my semester ended. I'm currently just working and I have an Associated Degree in General Studies. I might go back to school one day, or I might not. We will see. For now I am working my home-making skills and trying to save some money...TRYING to save some money. (It's not working very well) In December 2013 I married my sweetheart, Corde, in the Logan LDS Temple. When I first met him I knew for sure he wasn't the one, but then he started coming over to my apartment and wouldn't leave.  (I think he mostly just used me for my TV so that he could watch sports) ...Let's just say that our love story was not typical at all. Anyways, I fell madly in love with him at some point. He is the dorkiest and most resilient man I've ever met. He has the most adorable laugh and the most handsome smile. I could go on and on... I love the freaking heck out of him. Now we have a sweet baby boy named Russell and life is good.

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