Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bump update: 17 Weeks

What Fruit are you? An onion :)
Due date:  December 26, 2014
How far along:  17 weeks 
Next appointment:  July 28
Total weight gain/loss:  I've been avoiding weighing myself.. haha
Exercise:  I've been trying to run and do some other exercises
Stretch marks: Boobs
Swelling:  Nope
Maternity clothes:  I'm looking into getting some, especially pants. My belly is growing fast and my pants are starting to be uncomfortable. 
Belly button:  About 1/4 of my belly button is popping out. I don't know why it is doing that this early, but it is!
Sleep: I have my good nights and bad nights
Food cravings:  Still sour things. Lemons, lemons, and more lemons! And limes
Symptoms:  I am an emotional wreck. I feel sorry for my poor husband who has to deal with me. Also I have been having TONS of round ligament pains, so that's no fun. 
Movement:  Waiting impatiently to feel some movement. Although there have been a couple of times I thought I might have felt him/her swishing around in there
Labor signs: Nope
What I miss:  I hate to say it, but I miss feeling good about myself all the time. Pregnancy has done a lot to my self-esteem. Although working out is helping me feel better.
What I'm loving:  Knowing I get a baby for Christmas! Watching my belly grow.
What I'm looking forward to:  Having a baby bump that doesn't just look like a beer gut.
Best moment this week: Realizing my belly is getting more noticeable. Corde and I also looked at some strollers and cribs this week. That got me pretty excited...and stressed out at the same time, but it was fun!

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