Friday, September 12, 2014

Bump Update: 25 Weeks

It hit me the other day that I'm already on my 6th month of pregnancy. I think that as soon as I had hit the 20 weeks pregnant mark, time decided to speed up somehow because I feel in awe every time Friday comes around again. Suddenly all of these worries are starting to flood into my mind. Am I going to be a good mom? Am I going to drop my baby?(Yeah it's a legit fear I have) Am I going to have giant babies like my mom did? Will my labor last a long time? Am I going to be in too much pain to have a natural birth? The list goes on. I don't have much of any experience with babies and I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about this whole situation. But if every other woman can do it, than I can do it! I think..

And just to throw this out there, I feel like a puffy, tired, pregnant blob. I can't sleep and every time I stand up from sitting down for more than 5 minutes I feel like the muscles in my lower abdomen are going to ... rip.

What Fruit are you? Zucchini! Baby is about 13.6 inches and weighs about 1.5 pounds!!
Due date:  December 26, 2014 
How far along: 25 weeks
Next appointment:  September 23rd at 10:30 am. I get to be tested for gestational diabetes. I hate getting my blood drawn. :/
Gender:  It's a boy!
Total weight gain/loss:  I've gained about 25...
Exercise:  Well I can't run anymore because it HURTS! I've been trying to walk a lot though.
Stretch marks: On my boobs, but they are getting a lot lighter than they were before. I also have a tiny one on my thigh.
Swelling: My hands and feet a little. None of my rings fit.
Maternity clothes:  Thankgoodness for them!
Belly button:  Still working its way outward.
Sleep: I've been having a really hard time sleeping. I feel exhausted basically always.
Food cravings:  Chicken.
Symptoms:  Lots of random cramping in my lower abdomen and back pain, exhaustion, emotional..ness.
Movement:  Lots of movement all the time.
Labor signs: Nope
What I miss: I have moments when I want my flat tummy back, running.
What I'm loving:  How fast time is moving.
What I'm looking forward to:  Getting his room ready!! We finally ordered his crib!! Wooo!
Best moment this week: Nothing really.

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