Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bump update: 14 weeks

                                                               Bad hair day....^^^
What Fruit are you? A lemon  
Due date:  December 26, 2014
How far along:  14 weeks!!!!
Next appointment:  July 1st
Gender:  Praying for a boy! OH, please, please be a boy.
Total weight gain/loss:  Gained 10 pounds in the beginning, but then I lost a pound so 9 pounds of gain so far.
Exercise:  Yes! Running, walking, squats.
Stretch marks: a little on my boobies :(
Swelling:  No swelling yet
Maternity clothes:  Corde bought me my first maternity shirt over the weekend!
Belly button:  Same as always
Sleep: It's basically impossible for me to sleep more than 3 hours at a time
Food cravings:  Lemons!! Fresh fruit.
Symptoms:  HEADACHES. Every day. :( moodiness, acne... 
Movement:  I can't wait until I can feel him move!
Labor signs: Nope
What I miss:  Having a flat tummy, enjoying food..
What I'm loving:  Knowing I get a baby for Christmas! Deciding on baby names.
What I'm looking forward to:  Having a baby bump that doesn't just look like a beer gut.
Best moment this week: my belly is starting to show!....kind of.

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