Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bump update: 13 Weeks


Today McKenzie is wishing her tummy would grow

What Fruit are you? A peach   
Due date:  December 26, 2014
How far along:  13 weeks- I'm on to my second trimester-HURRAY!
Next appointment:  July 1st
Gender:  Praying for a boy!
Total weight gain/loss:  Gained 10 pounds in the beginning, but honestly I have been afraid to weigh myself for a couple weeks now.
Exercise:  I've been running again- hopefully that's prevented me from gaining much more weight ^^^
Stretch marks: a little on my boobies :(
Swelling:  No swelling..unless an increase in breast size counts (hehe)
Maternity clothes:  Not for a while
Belly button:  Same as always
Sleep: I love it, but can't seem to get much of it. 
Food cravings:  MILK!! Anything milky.. and sour things. Like lemons
Symptoms:  light nausea, lots of sharp pains in my left lower abdomen, emotional
Movement:  I can't wait until I can feel him move!
Labor signs: Nope
What I miss:  Having a flat tummy, enjoying food
What I'm loving:  Knowing I get a baby for Christmas
What I'm looking forward to:  Having a baby bump!
Best moment this week: nothing too crazy this week

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