Monday, January 27, 2014

where'd all of the money go?

I've always been really great at spending money. Especially on frivolous things.
I mean really, you should see my collection of nail polish, or my tubs of clothing that I never wear but don't want to get rid of.

It's pretty easy to spend money when you get money from your parents on top of your normal income. I've been fortunate growing up. It's okay to be spoiled as long as you're nice, right mom? That was our motto.

When the time came for Corde and I to get married, I wasn't worried. For some reason in my mind I figured being married would be easy in regards to expenses because there'd be two incomes to live off of.

Boy, was I wrong.

Corde and I are currently making just about as much as our expenses. That has been stressful, but also very eye-opening. Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit on the inside.

I do know that everything will work out though.

I'm learning a lot through this experience. I've learned to be more creative with meals by making things that are healthy, but also cheap. I guess you can say we eat a lot of rice these days. (The healthy kind) Don't worry, we get our share of veggies with frozen peas and corn.

We also eat a lot of eggs and regularly have pancakes for dinner.

Somehow we are making it work.

I'm being forced to deal with my coffee addiction and I've accepted that I can't have a baby as soon as I had hoped. I'm learning how important it is to get an education so that I can have a career. We are eating out less too.

I even picked up a second job.

But I'm learning a lot about life. I've become more humble and I appreciate what I have a lot more. I also appreciate the life that my parents provided for me a lot more.

I know I won't always feel this stressed about expenses but I am thankful for this opportunity to grow and to work together with my husband.

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