Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bye Bye First Trimester

This is my last week of the first trimester of pregnancy and I'm pretty dang excited. Although, some people say that the 12th week is the end of the first trimester, so if that's the case, hello second trimester!

If anyone sees me out in public, you might notice that I look different than I did two months ago. That's because I'm fat now.

Pregnancy can be hard at times, but I love it. It will get better. I vaguely remember that it gets better.

I am eagerly waiting to feel fluttering in my belly, to know the gender, and especially to kiss my baby's precious little lips.

Baby is the size of a macaroon this week and he or she already has fingerprints.

I'm feeling a lot of discomfort in my abdomen and my belly isn't holding back this time around. I've got a noticeable bump and my belly button is already trying to pop out.

Unfortunately I can't yet say that my nausea has ended but I can say that on occasion, I have a day or two of feeling myself again until nausea hits again with rage.

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