Monday, June 29, 2015

Russell is 6 Months Old

In just 2 days, my sweet boy will enter into his 6th month of life.

Russell is a squishy and cuddly little boy. When he sees new faces, he giggles non-stop. I enjoy his baby noises and watching him roll across the living room floor.  It hurts when he grabs my face as hard as he can, but I don't mind it.

Russell is incredibly afraid of water, which makes bathes the biggest pain in the butt.

Russell laughs A LOT. I melt.

I always knew prior to becoming a mom that I'd be insanely in love and that being a mom would consume my time and would be stressful. My own mom warned me and informed me 100% about what I could expect from being a mother myself.

But then you have a baby and suddenly It's all very real and it hits you in the face.

Being a mom is much more difficult than I anticipated and I love Russell even more than I imagined I could. (And I imagined I'd love him A LOT)

Pictures by KyleeAnnPhotography

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