Friday, May 22, 2015

Adventuring Clothes

I've had a pretty great month. Corde and I have been spending some time in the outdoors recently. We want to make an effort to hike more and enjoy Utah while we're still here. We have some exciting adventures planned for this summer. Next week we are heading to the Grand Canyon for a few nights and then over to St. George. I can't wait. God has created such a beautiful world for us to enjoy and I hate to say that I'm just now starting to really appreciate it. 

Long story short, I needed some adventuring clothes. 

Brands include:
White Tshirt - Brooks
Gold Tshirt - Sweet Salt Classics
Green shirt - Faded Glory
Sweatshirt - Unknown

When I found a sweatshirt that I loved (picture above) it hit me that I had a ton of sweatshirts hanging in my closet that I was bored with and never wore. They're gone now.

It sure feels good to get rid of things I don't need. 

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