Saturday, December 28, 2013

St. Louis Adventures

This Christmas was very different. It's the first Christmas ever that I haven't gone back home to Yakima. Instead, I'm in Missouri with Corde and his family which has been a blast. To be honest I expected to feel homesick this Christmas but It's difficult to feel sad in a home so filled with love. We made cookies and ate way too many of them (well, mostly just me), played games, watched movies and more. It was probably one of the best Christmas's I've ever had. I'm grateful to have gained such a beautiful family, but I'm not happy about gaining 5 pounds from all of the cookies.

It's really cool to have married a man who is from such a cool place. I'm from Washington state and haven't had the chance to see Missouri until now and let me tell you St. Louis is AWESOME. The other day, Corde and I had the chance to go to University City, which is a suburb of St. Louis. It was fantastic! I love the place. We went to an awesome thrift shop and got a few items of clothing. I swear I could've spent the entire day in that shop. There were a lot of other cute little stores with nicknacks and such. To finish out our adventure we dined at the famous Fitz's restaurant. They're famous for making their own sodas and they have mastered the art of root beer floats. I'm not kidding. And not only do they have root beer floats, but they also have other float combinations like cherry soda with chocolate ice cream. My goodness, I'm drooling. See for yourself:

And I just had to add this photo of my studly man next to a statue of Chuck Berry. ;)

Anyways, Corde's parents hosted an open house for us yesterday. That went wonderfully. There weren't as many guests there as expected but I still really enjoyed meeting all of the new people. Corde's mom made 14 homemade pies, cherry and apple. They were to die for. The pies were paired with glorious cinnamon ice cream. I even took a picture for you.

I guess you can say I've been pretty well fed since I got here.

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