Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring break this year went by insanely fast! If only it was just one more week long, or two, or three..
Heck! Is it summer yet?

Corde and I started off our spring break by heading down to Park City. Corde's aunt's, mom has a cabin there. We went skiing(I didn't last long) and did all of the fabulous stuff that tourists do, like walk around and look at the little shops, get ice-cream, you know...the good stuff. I did not want to leave that cabin. I could've stayed there the whole week, but I couldn't because Corde and I had other exciting things to do!

A couple days later we heading off to Moab! We camped out at Arches National Park for two nights. The weather was perfect for hiking, which was convenient because all we did was hike. Overall it was just a great time and I'm amazed at the beautiful earth that God has created for us to enjoy. I'm so thankful!

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